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When most people think of installation, they picture pink bat and roll. That's because fiberglass insulation is still the most popular and commonly installed type of insulation used in homes and businesses. JNG Insulation Pros offers fiberglass insulation installation in the Eureka & Redding, CA area.

Why you need a professional fiberglass insulation installation

Why you need a professional fiberglass insulation installation

Online video tutorials might make it look easy, but fiberglass insulation installation is a tricky-and potentially hazardous-process. If you try to make it a DIY project, you could end up suffering from...

  • Skin irritation: Fiberglass particles are notorious for getting inside clothing and lodging in the skin. Once there, they cause redness and irritation.
  • Eye injury: Even more dangerous than skin damage is the harm fiberglass particles can do to the eyes.
  • Respiratory ailments: Perhaps the greatest risk in handling fiberglass insulation is the chance that the particles will lodge in your lungs.

Don't gamble with your health or that of your family. The pros at JNG Insulation Pros have the equipment, training and experience needed to install fiberglass insulation safely.

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