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Does your home have thin walls? Do you want to limit the amount of noise that's transmitted from one room to another? JNG Insulation Pros uses ROCKWOOL COMFORTBATT for our soundproofing insulation projects. This natural, durable material is made from stone and recycled metal slag. Unlike some other soundproofing methods, this won't deteriorate over time.

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Discover the additional benefits of ROCKWOOL COMFORTBATT

Discover the additional benefits of ROCKWOOL COMFORTBATT

Soundproofing insulation does double duty by insulating your home against sound transfer and energy loss. In addition to its soundproofing properties, ROCKWOOL COMFORTBATT also resists...

  • Mold: Because it's made from organic stone, it doesn't allow for mold or fungus growth.
  • Fire: This material will not spread fire or produce toxic gases.
  • Moisture: This insulation option won't absorb water, reducing the possibility of water damage in your home.
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